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Environmental maintenance services for nearly 60 years

Welcome to Suurpää Oy, your reliable partner for environmental services! With over five decades of experience in keeping the Kaakonkulma area clean, we are committed to providing high-quality and certified environmental services for both businesses and households.

Get to Know Us

At Suurpää Oy, we are committed to providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable environmental services. Our comprehensive fleet and experienced staff serve the Kymenlaakso and South-Karjala regions, as well as the surrounding areas. We provide solutions for removing unwanted waste materials. Our speciality lies on handling liquid waste and industry process cleaning services

Emergency Services for Businesses

  • For businesses and industrial clients, we offer emergency services during evenings and weekends. You can reach us at +358 400 552640 in case of any emergency situation.

Services to businesses:

Our Services for Consumers:

  • Professional Cleaning Services for Industries

  • Process Industry High-Pressure Cleaning

  • Maintenance of sand, grease and oil separators

  • Pipeline surveys with CCTV-camera

  • Waste management & recycling services

  • Portable toilet rental

  • Data destructions

  • Enviromental consulting

  • Waste collection, recycling, and disposal

  • Sewer and sepitc tank maintenance

  • Sewer unblocking and preassure flushing

  • High power vacuuming for removing old insulation  

  • Blowing of capillary materials

  • Waste container rental services

  • Cleaning domestic water wells

  • Pipeline surveys for undeground sewer systems

Olli Suurpää

+358 45 840 7736


+358 5 357 13 66

Billing information:

Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

Network billing address:

EDI code:

Please note that if you are using any of the following operators:Danske ank Oyj, Handelsbanken, local cooperatives banks or saving banks, you should use the following address as our network billing adress:
and operator code: DABAFIHH

If you are unable to send electronic onvoices,please send paper invoices to the purchase invoice scanning services at the following address:

Suurpää Oy
(Apix skannauspalvelu)
PL 16112

Email scanning address:
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suurpää oy

Phone: +358 53 571 366
Fax:+358 053 571 250
Emailsuurpaa( at )

The office is open on weekdays from
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

For urgent matters, emergencies and issues related to water pipes in the evenings and on weekends please call: 0400 552 640